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Get To Know Us

We have seen sports personalities suffer from pain and still emerge as a winner, sometimes collapse. With experience and a passion to support the fraternity, we started our journey in the sports therapy arena, to support our friends, colleagues and extended family, to help them achieve their goal in the sports. Our clients are not just sportsman, but also includes clients as young as 5 years, child athletes too and adults; persons suffering from work related problems especially in the joints such as shoulders, knees and elbows whose movement is essential for day-to-day activities.

We also treat people affected by accidents and enable them to get back their normal life back. Chronic patients who are suffering from years with pains are treated here to complete or a little less recovery, where they are able to be independent for all their basic work needs. Apart from offering solutions, we are also into giving the world better persons to spread the love and care. We are into training and moulding young professionals into sports injury therapists and professionals in sports rehabs. We understand the necessity for a sports person and love to be present everywhere, hence creating people just like with a mind to serve.

Our goals and commitments are:

To provide personalised treatment

Result oriented massage therapies

Strong relations with clients and customers

Experienced in-house therapists to give you the best treatment

We don’t jump start any work, rather take time to analyse your body and the injured part, or the normal routine and then come with suggestions and treatment plan. We customise the plans and treatments with the following factors in mind:

Health history, an elaborate

Assessment of your postures (with weights and non-weights)

Assessment of Active movements

Assessment of passive movements

Palpatory assessments

These help us to achieve better result oriented plans.