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Know about Sports Massage, Courses and its Application!

Athletes too need some pampering to the tired and torn out muscles, to gain back the lost energy and recover from soreness. It wasn’t here earlier; massaging has now taken up as a trend.

Though it’s a trending career, it’s yet a good option to consider. Sports massage courses are designed especially for athletes in mind. The UK is now having this specialised course in athlete or sports massaging, that gives you a certification and a license to become a masseur to any sportsmen, either at your own clinic or as a consulting therapist. For an aspiring career in sports massage courses in london.

There are numbers of courses, starting with certification course till a master’s degree, each one specialising to a certain level or catering only on a specific part or in general altogether. Let’s tell you what’s inside a sports massage course.



Levels of the Course:


This sports massage course has 3 levels; it again depends on various places and universities, but basically, consists of 3. An introductory course is also available for beginners, who have a degree and want to pursue this as a career. Introduction course is basically a practical class, conducted on eth weekends, travelling around the basics and fundamental principles. This can be taken by both working professionals who are keen on this career path, and also beginners who are new to this field. This teaches you a technique which uses an only soft tissue and with methods that don’t require many efforts.

Below are the techniques that are covered under a basic introductory class:



Top-to-toe deep tissue massage

Massage without much stress to the hands

Deep Strokes

Here the focus is on developing skills that will enable you to give a smooth and stress-free massage, which is effective for the receiver and not too much stress for the provider too.

Level 3 course:

This is next to the basic class, after which you can carry forward your work as a therapist to work on the uninjured part. As a therapist at level 3, you will be giving advises on preventing injuries and assisting in enhancing the performance of the athlete. You will be covered with professional ethics to be followed, massage techniques and its effects, palpitation, insurance and physiology, anatomy too. This will be adapted for different clients at various levels, at different situations.

Level 4:

Once you complete 3, you are eligible to move next. It consists of a broader range of study, about the effects on soft tissue, due to trauma or deeper injury.



You will be taught about assessment techniques, advanced manual therapy, and client analysis. Here your job will be further elaborated on encouraging the person to recover from the trauma and injury, enhancing their physical state of well-being.

Level 5:

Here, you go another step ahead to become a practitioner who is more diverse and knowledgeable. This level teaches you about planning any treatments for the athletes, rehab programs suggestions and taking up the classes as a regular therapist or practitioner.

Course targets:

To any person who wants to take up a career in sports massage, and interested in taking up a diploma or certification course on the same.
General course:

Any person, who is interested in learning massaging strokes for personal use.

Therapist as practicer:

This is applicable for persons who are already therapists and are looking to deepen their knowledge and skill to become more efficient and effective. The person should possess a massage background.

Therapist specialised in Injuries:

This is a team of professionals who give massages to the therapists themselves, who are injured to overdo of the job. Every person needs another man’s help at any point and what better than the fraternity who can understand and provide the needed support.

When to get a sports Massage done:

Before any events, after an event, in case of an injury etc. it isn’t needed to visit a therapist only on occasion of any injury, you can also try a therapist to improve your performance. Any therapist, an experienced one will be giving a wide range of options to choose from based on your level of activeness and the requirement according to your body type.